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Tru Scale Farm Toy Inventory
Denny & Barb Erickson
808 Brown Street P.O. Box 101
(507) 841-0600 phone Jackson, MN 56143-0101
Tru Scale Farm Toys
Click on the item to view a larger photo. All items are 1/16 scale unless otherwise noted.
__401 Loader NIB $175
__Forage Harvester NIB $495
__TS M NIB Yellow Box SOLD
__TS Loader NIB Yellow Box SOLD
__TS Mail Box $135
__Grain Drill Bubble NIB SOLD
__TS Auger NIB $435
__TS Tilt Bed Trailer NIB $225
__TS White Rim Plow Mint SOLD
__TS Loader NIB $225
__TS 401 Tractor NIB $495
__TS 890 Tractor NIB SOLD
__TS Mounted Corn Picker NIB SOLD
__TS Elevator NIB SOLD
__Orange Service Trailer Near Mint $495
__TS M Yellow Box SOLD
__TS Wagon Yellow Box SOLD
__TS Spreader Yellow Box SOLD
__TS 2B plow Yellow Box SOLD
__TS Combine Yellow Reel SOLD
__TS M Loader Yellow decal SOLD
__Drag Disc Yellow Box $275
__TS Hay Rake NIB(original bubble) SOLD
__Mint Forage Harvester SOLD
__RARE Tru-Scale 401 Industrial Set SOLD
__4 B Plow NIB $235
__Combine NIB SOLD
__401 IH Grill NIB $565
__Mint Yellow Rim Plow SOLD
__Mint Baler SOLD
__Spreader NIB $185
__401 Original Mint $125
__401 PL Rims NIB SOLD
__M NIB $565
__Drag Disc NIB SOLD
__Flare Box NIB SOLD
__Red Service Trailer NIB $950
__Orange Service Trailer NIB SOLD
__Grain Drill Bubble NIB SOLD
__Mail Box NIB $275
__Red Clip Disc NIB $295
Abbreviations: New in Box (NIB), Repaint (RP), New (N), Mint (M), New in Pack (NIP), Wide Front End (WF), Narrow Front End (NF), Collectors Edition (CE), Limited Edition (LE), Special Edition (SE), First Edition (FE), Custom (Cust), Combine (Comb), Anniversary (Ann).