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Denny & Barb Erickson
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John Deere Implements
Click on the item to view a larger photo. All items are 1/16 scale unless otherwise noted.
__John Deere Sprayer by Crook $1975
__John Deere 7720 by Crook $2850
__John Deere 2B Crank Plow NIB $395
__John Deere drag Disc NIB $195
__John Deere Loader for 60 NIB $295
__John Deere 4B Wrap Around Coulter NIB $265
__JD Elevator NIB SOLD
__JD Clip Disc NIB SOLD
__JD 12A Canvas Combine NIB $435
__JD 14T Baler NIB SOLD
__JD 4B 3Pt Plow NIB $265
__JD Drag Disc NIB SOLD
__JD Flare Box NIB $195
__JD Green Lid Grain Drill NIB SOLD
__JD Long lever Spreader NIB $395
__JD Short Nose Picker NIB SOLD
__Custom 1/16 JD 111 Peanut Combine $1295
__JD 12A Canvas Combine SOLD
__JD 112 Chuck Wagon Bubble Box SOLD
__JD 495 Planter NIB $295
__JD #15 Rotary Chopper NIB SOLD
__JD 60 Loader NIB $295
__Custom 1/16 Scale 6620 Combine SOLD
__John Deere #30 Auger Combine NIB SOLD
__Custom John Deere Gravity wagon SOLD
__Custom John Deere Hammer Mill SOLD
__Custom John Deere 95 Combine $795
__John Deere 2B Lever Plow NIB SOLD
__John Deere 6600 Two Chain Combine SOLD
__John Deere Dirt Scraper $235
__John Deere Clip Disc NIB SOLD
__John Deere Green Lid Drill NIB SOLD
__MINT John Deere Clip Loader SOLD
__Custom John Deere 3B Plow SOLD
__Custom John Deere Single Gang Disc SOLD
__John Deere Tandem Wing Disc NIB $295
__John Deere Yellow Gang Disc NIB SOLD
__John Deere 24T Baler NIB SOLD
__John Deere 495 NIB $295
__John Deere 4B Pull Plow NIB SOLD
__John Deere Mower NIB $175
__1/28 Scale Threshing Machine NIB SOLD
__Farm Progress 9750 Combine NIB SOLD
__Titan Combine NIB SOLD
__Turbo Combine NIB $135
__4B Pull Plow NIB $185
__Custom Forage Harvestor SOLD
__2B Lever Plow $285
__Custom Mixer Mill SOLD
__Custom 5B Plow SOLD
__200th Plow $495
__Custom 2420 Swather $695
__Custom 65 Pull Type Combine SOLD
__283 Cotton Stripper $750
__Mint Green Lid Grain Drill $295
__Dirt Scraper $325
__Long Nose Corn Picker SOLD
__112 Chuck Wagon Bubble Box $395
__Tandem Disc Die Cast Rims SOLD
__Flare Box Die Cast Rims SOLD
__Custom 2B Plow SOLD
__Custom 29' Tandem Disc $425
__Black Gang Disc NIB SOLD
__Custom Thresher 1 of 6 Made! SOLD
__4B Pull Plow Die Cast Rims $295
__Die Cast Rim Wagon SOLD
__Custom BWA Disc SOLD
__Custom F-145 Plow $175
__Turbo Combine NIB $135
__3020 Loader NIB $225
__Custom Swather $215
__Custom Binder SOLD
__Long Nose Picker NIB $795
__6600 NIB SOLD
__200 Pull type Picker SOLD
__6600 NIB $325
__Custom Thresher SOLD
__55 Round Back Combine SOLD
__9600 Coll NIB SOLD
John Deere Miscellaneous
Click on the item to view a larger photo. All items are 1/16 scale unless otherwise noted.
__1977 Candy Dish Sherburn, MN $135
__1837--1937 Coin Plaque $950
__JD String Holder SOLD
__JD Salt & Pepper SOLD
__John Deere Plow Pin $85
__1937 Centennial Fuel Bank $235
__150th Anniversary Marble Based Plow NIB SOLD
__Dealer 150th Anniversary Plaque SOLD
__Leaded Glass Hanging Lamp SOLD
__150th Gold Belt Buckle $95
__125th Green Desk Set SOLD
__Grinnell Ash Tray $75
__125th Ribbons $55
__Blue Oil Can $150
__150th Horse Sculpture SOLD
__4 Leg Tie Tack $45
__60 Hood Emblem $45
__Argentina Plaque SOLD
__Credit Union Lighter $85
__Crawler Fob $65
__Deere Buckle $85
__Gold Tie Clasp $45
__Stick Pin $65
__Neck Tie SOLD
__Tie Clip/Pen $75
__Horizon Flags $45
__1st Train NIB $395
__JD Clock SOLD
Abbreviations: New in Box (NIB), Repaint (RP), New (N), Mint (M), New in Pack (NIP), Wide Front End (WF), Narrow Front End (NF), Collectors Edition (CE), Limited Edition (LE), Special Edition (SE), First Edition (FE), Custom (Cust), Combine (Comb), Anniversary (Ann).