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Construction Farm Toy Inventory
Denny & Barb Erickson
808 Brown Street P.O. Box 101
(507) 841-0600 phone Jackson, MN 56143-0101
Construction Models
Click on the item to view a larger photo. All items are 1/16 scale unless otherwise noted.
__1/16 Chrome Challenger NIB SOLD
__REUHL #12 Grader NIB SOLD
__REUHL #70 scraper w/dolly RP SOLD
__REUHL Ripper Nice Original SOLD
__REUHL D7 Crawler Original SOLD
__REUHL Cedar Rapids Rock Crusher SOLD
__Reuhl Caterpillar #12 Grader SOLD
__REUHL Lorain Shovel SOLD
__Caterpillar 35 Challenger NIB Launch Edition SOLD
__ESKA Caterpillar DW15 & 428 Scraper NIB SOLD
__REUHL Cedar Rapids Rock Crusher SOLD
__Caterpillar 60 NIB SOLD
__4 Piece Set Terex GM NIB SOLD
__Caterpillar 950 by Strenco SOLD
__Caterpillar 994 End Loader SOLD
__Custom TOREQ Scraper SOLD
__Caterpillar D4 NIB by Riecke SOLD
__Reuhl Caterpillar D7 NIB SOLD
__Original Reuhl Caterpillar Ripper SOLD
__Reuhl Caterpillar Ripper Repaint SOLD
__Caterpillar DW15 w/scraper NIB SOLD
__ESKA Caterpillar 12 Grader NIB SOLD
__ESKA Caterpillar 944 Loader NIB SOLD
__Michigan Loader SOLD
__Custom Caterpillar #12 Grader SOLD
__Caterpillar D4 w/Blade Custom SOLD
__International Army Pay Scraper NIB SOLD
__International 433 Pay Scraper NIB SOLD
__1st Ertl Caterpillar #12 Grader SOLD
__1st Caterpillar D6 NIB SOLD
__2nd Caterpillar D6 NIB SOLD
__Caterpillar Traxcavator NIB SOLD
__Tootsie Caterpillar Crawler NIB SOLD
__Caterpillar #12 Grader NIB SOLD
__1st Gear TD25 NIB SOLD
__ERTL Caterpillar D-6 SOLD
__ERTL Caterpillar D-6 NIB SOLD
__Caterpillar #12 Ertl Grader SOLD
__Terex 82-50 NIB SOLD
__Terex Dump NIB SOLD
__Caterpillar D4 Custom SOLD
__Caterpillar 40 Scraper SOLD
Abbreviations: New in Box (NIB), Repaint (RP), New (N), Mint (M), New in Pack (NIP), Wide Front End (WF), Narrow Front End (NF), Collectors Edition (CE), Limited Edition (LE), Special Edition (SE), First Edition (FE), Custom (Cust), Combine (Comb), Anniversary (Ann).