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Case Farm Toy Inventory
Denny & Barb Erickson
808 Brown Street P.O. Box 101
(507) 841-0600 phone Jackson, MN 56143-0101
Case farm Toys
Click on the item to view a larger photo. All items are 1/16 scale unless otherwise noted.
__Case 1370 NIB SOLD
__Dingman Case LA SOLD
__Dingman Case DC SOLD
__Dingman Case SC SOLD
__Mint Case 1070 Black Knight SOLD
__Case 700 WF by Dingman SOLD
__Custom Case 600 Combine SOLD
__Case Barge Wagon Die Cast Rims NIB SOLD
__Case 1030 Mint SOLD
__Case SC w/fenders SOLD
__Orange Field Cultivator NIB SOLD
__Case 1470 Custom 1/16 SOLD
__1/32 Case 1200 by King NIB SOLD
__Custom Case S on Rubber SOLD
__Custom Case S on Steel SOLD
__Custom Case Self-Propelled Combine SOLD
__Dingman LA NIB SOLD
__Tilt Bed Truck NIB SOLD
__SC Fenders NIB SOLD
__SC No Fenders NIB SOLD
__800 NIB SOLD
__580B Orange NIB SOLD
__800 w/numbers SOLD
__Plastic 580 Backhoe SOLD
__DC by Riecke SOLD
__Dingman DC SOLD
__Toy Farmer 500 NIB SOLD
__Lafayette 400 NIB SOLD
__800 Toy Farmer NIB SOLD
__Steam Engine SOLD
__Toy Farmer 2590 NIB SOLD
__Toy Farmer 1170 NIB SOLD
__CC on Steel SOLD
__Precision 930 NIB SOLD
Abbreviations: New in Box (NIB), Repaint (RP), New (N), Mint (M), New in Pack (NIP), Wide Front End (WF), Narrow Front End (NF), Collectors Edition (CE), Limited Edition (LE), Special Edition (SE), First Edition (FE), Custom (Cust), Combine (Comb), Anniversary (Ann).